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Clara's Bio.
Tabitha's mother, Emily, was very sick when she was born, causing her to die after Tabitha's birth. Tabitha's father, Martin, took her away to Pandora shortly after. Never telling her that her mother had passed as Tabitha grew. Tabitha was a carefree sorta girl when it came to being by herself. She never got along well with other kids or even try to acknowledge the surrounding world. At the age of five she became remorseful from never knowing her mother. When she asked her father about her mom, he looked at her and his face became enraged and he slapped her. Making her eye swell and her lip bleed. Years and years of abuse contuined. He made her his punching bag. So many times she tried to run away, however, he always finds her. When she turned fourteen she met a wonderful guy named Jared. He changed her life. There were nights she would sneak out into the wasteland of Pandora to his house to escape her father. When she turned sixteen they got married. He loved her with all his heart an
:iconkawwineonfreak:KawwINeoNFreaK 1 7
Me! :iconkawwineonfreak:KawwINeoNFreaK 1 17 The bridge to a new life :iconkawwineonfreak:KawwINeoNFreaK 1 7 BAD ASS BOUNTY HUNTERS :iconkawwineonfreak:KawwINeoNFreaK 2 10 Its a farie Paper Child :D :iconkawwineonfreak:KawwINeoNFreaK 2 3 Clara Profiling :iconkawwineonfreak:KawwINeoNFreaK 1 0 The inner me :iconkawwineonfreak:KawwINeoNFreaK 1 8 Rough Sketch :iconkawwineonfreak:KawwINeoNFreaK 0 2
Soul x Reader Prolouge
You walk alone down the halls of the DWMA, feeling all eyes on you.  Looking down at your note book you doodle in, you hit a something hard knocking yourself backwards with a thump.
“Oww my head!” you let out a sigh.
“Come on, watch where you’re going. So not cool.”  Says a deep voice.
Looking up at this voice you find a boy around your age with snowy white hair and crimson eyes. He reaches out a hand and lets a toothy grin sprawl across his face.
“Hey now, stop staring and get up. I’m Soul.”
Realizing how attractive this guy is, you feel a blush raising to your face. You grab his hand and get up.
“Hi….I’m ______”
“______? That’s a nice name.” He reaches down and picks up your note book and hands it to you.
“Thanks….” You can feel your cheeks getting darker.
“You’re new aren’t you? That’s cool.” Soul said smiling.
:iconkawwineonfreak:KawwINeoNFreaK 16 4
Commission: Restro3Contre :iconkawwineonfreak:KawwINeoNFreaK 0 2 Paper Child: NomNom Wolf :iconkawwineonfreak:KawwINeoNFreaK 2 3 Caught Again :iconkawwineonfreak:KawwINeoNFreaK 1 7
Mature content
Welcome To Hell :iconkawwineonfreak:KawwINeoNFreaK 0 12
Armando in AT style :iconkawwineonfreak:KawwINeoNFreaK 1 0 Question Time! (with Coraline) :iconkawwineonfreak:KawwINeoNFreaK 1 3 Snake Demon WIP :iconkawwineonfreak:KawwINeoNFreaK 0 0



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group of seven to 9
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A group of people with three or more. Color + shading
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Carala Lerner
Artist | Student | Varied
United States
I am 13 years old, and I am very "differnet" I know you may hear that alot and whatever, but thats just how I am. I am insane, over dramatic, loving, caring, and always ther if you need me. I am always accepting people in to my life with open arms. I have black and rainbow hair... I love good annoying things. And yeah.... That's me!
  • Listening to: nothing.
  • Reading: nothing.
  • Watching: nothing.
  • Playing: nothing.
  • Eating: nothing.
  • Drinking: nothing.
I'm so fed up with everyone telling me I'm a worthless piece of shit... I just got yelled at for an hour for how I'm  a terrible daughter who dwells on stupid stuff and just needs to suck I up. I haven't stopped crying for an hour and now he excepts me to forgive like he just didn't ruin my self esstem. He can kiss my ass right now. I'm so fed up with everyone!


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I have found you

*rolls away and leaves you to guess *successfully most likely* who I am*
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hey this is my new profile. btw this is Madi
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happy fake birthday.


iloveleovaldez Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I know I stalk you a lot. lol. and I know you are goin through hard times, too. but maybe could you give me some drawing tips to make my drawings less kawaii and more bad-ass?????
KawwINeoNFreaK Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2013  Student General Artist
xD Its okay, I like the attention. Sure, If you're interested I could make a tutorial, with helpful information and give it to you  at school.
iloveleovaldez Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
okay that would help a lot. Thanks so much!
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